Specialist Matchmakers for over a decade, placing clients with the right partner. Take the guesswork out of finding the right adviser!

Areas of Speciality


Providing a matching service for investors with some of the finest and highest qualified IFA, RIA and WM professionals who offer a range of exceptional financial planning strategies and solutions in a growing international network.

The core of our business is the introduction of selected fund strategies from qualified and regulated professionals and we do appreciate the demands to provide exceptional products and services.

We also provide a channel for funding new business opportunities, trade financing or expansion plans.

Our aim is to deliver a Small Firm Feel, boosted by highly experienced international partners. We are large enough to provide comfort and reassurance to clients serving their needs over the long term with genuine expertise, yet small enough to provide a truly personal service and value to each client.

Why are we different? "Teamwork!"

Our Team

With a "small firm feel", we offer the best internationally qualified team of Independent and regulated partners in the business. We pride ourselves in maintaining this approach by treating each case with care and consideration, so we’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of financial professionals who are unrestricted & qualified to successfully resolve any matter.
No issue is too big or too small. If you have a problem, our experts can help you find a compliant solution!

Our people make the difference.

This is where you need Strategic Match, as we will do all the work for you!
Everyone has different financial circumstances, needs and desires and there really are no ”off the shelf” solutions. Adding to the confusion, tax laws, financial legislation and international compliance are constantly changing and very complex, so any financial plan must be kept under continual review with the right partners. For high earning individuals and those with complex financial affairs, expert financial planning and investment management advice is essential and available. That’s where a valuable second opinion of your arrangements and finding the right financial adviser with whom you can work with for the long-term, actually do come together!

When you engage with Strategic Match, we work on a No Match, No Fee basis, so results are key!
You deliver the task and our aim is to deliver results. We are large enough to provide comfort and reassurance to clients serving their needs over the long term with genuine expertise, yet small enough to provide a truly personal service and value to each client.

This platform now gives prospective clients the ability to find the right adviser, the right financial solutions and long term partners that one can trust to achieve your goals in what has become an "interesting and volatile" global financial concern for many. "Failure and excuses are not an option!" With a high success and satisfaction rate, matching clients with the right partners for so long means we are obviously doing something right!


Nigel Roth – DirectorProfessional Profile


Nigel has a very diverse and extensive background, particularly in Technology and Corporate Business spanning more than 40 years. Truly a veteran of the computer industry and having run successful companies from startups, his experience with Business Development and Corporate Partner Relationship building is key to many of the Partnerships we have formed. With a thorough knowledge of business planning and accounting, Nigel is our first resource in looking at projects, products and opportunities.


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